Giving Back

Urban Call Briefs


Celebrity Stylists and Educators
Celebrity stylists’ and educators’ main focus is not only making their clients look great, but increasing their mental and spiritual health.
These professionals have expertise in teaching skills, passion for the beauty industry, salon experience and people skills. 

These beauty professionals are hair and education gurus.

These individuals take time to learn what techniques are the best for your personal treatment, by putting their knowledge to the test; producing their own line of beauty products or writing a book. 

Toni Love is one of many great stylists included in this article that has created a signature beauty product line: Toni Love Hair Cleansing System. This is a 3-Step Cleansing System designed for all hair types. One stimulating educator included in this column is Crystal Wright, who wrote “30 Days at 100 Percent; Changing Your Life 30 Days at a Time.” These inspiring words are motivational for helping people feel better and getting control of their lives.

These featured celebrity stylist and educators have blossomed and
become well known. We have included information about these eight artists, not only to congratulate them for their dedication, but also to provide access to their renowned expertise. Also featured in this column are stylists Jamiliah Anderson, Shawon Pinder, Dwayne Xavier, Patric Bradley, and educators Chuck Caple and Daneesa Myricks. Every stylist and educator has their own niche and has become extremely
popular for their own techniques.

Generating excitement in the Students has been most important to me.


Taking the knowledge I have obtained over the years and bringing it to the salon has put me in a class by myself not to mention mother, brothers and sister are artist as well.

There is nothing I can't do when it comes to hair.


Teaching cosmetology has been a rewarding experience just knowing that I have helped in the development of future hair artist.  Giving back is giving life.